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Place of Origin:
Russian Federation
Main Raw Material:
protective coatings
Building Coating, Car Paint, Furniture Paint


Research and development in the area of nanotechnology, organic and polymeric chemistry.

About Nanosynthesis LLC


«Nanosynthesis» was established for research and development works and organization of commercial manufacture using the latest achievements in the area of nanotechnology, organic and polymeric chemistry.


Through its employees and partners, the company possesses unique knowledge, technologies and equipment necessary for production of new materials with unique prescribed properties and qualitative characteristics.


One of the first achievements of the company is development of super hydrophobic (waterproof) coatings with exclusive quality indicators. The latest technologies in colloidal synthesis of nanoparticles with prescribed properties and measurements have provided company’s breakthrough in creation of the protective coatings of new generation.


The peculiarity of the Company is availability of individual approach to every client and customer.


Resources of the Company enable to study promptly problems and demands of the customers, to develop in short terms the required materials and technologies, to launch commercial manufacture of the received samples, to adjust and supervise quality and technique level. The Company is ready to modify or develop an individual product against the task of any company.


Long-term development strategy is aimed at development and improvement of new technologies for production of super hydrophobic release coatings, nanoparticles and nano-composite materials, scheduling of laboratory techniques of nano-materials production in the commercial level of production, further scientific researches and developments for introduction into manufacture and expansion of the marketing area of the received products.


One of the main objective of the Company is satisfaction of growing demand and need for innovative technologies and unique materials of wide range of companies.